Food Rescue Yellowknife

Diverting and Distributing

Redistributing food since 2008.

Food Rescue Yellowknife is a non-profit organization that receives food from local grocers which would otherwise be discarded and distributes it to non-profit organizations, schools and daycares throughout the city.

Since 2008, our operation has saved and distributed over 1.4 million kgs (or 3 million lbs) of food for the people of Yellowknife. That food is valued at an average of $5.70 per kg for a total value of an estimated 8 million dollars. Learn more about our operation on our Resources page, or if you’re interested in volunteering please get in touch with us!

Weighing Food Rescue Food

About Food Rescue Yellowknife

Who We Are

Learn more about Food Rescue Yellowknife, meet our Board of Directors, learn about volunteers, sponsors, and our employees.

Our Impact

Since 2008 the numbers have piled up. Not just in terms of diverted food waste, but in everything from volunteers to people fed.


If you are interested in the Food Rescue model for your community, we encourage you to learn more on our resources page.

Get Involved

Yellowknife Food Rescue is regularly looking for volunteers and often part-time employees to help with the ongoing operations.

Yellowknife Food Rescue by the numbers.

141,051 kg of food recovered in 2019

134,656 kg of food redistributed in 2019

46+ sponsors and donors in 2019 alone.

68+ volunteers helping 2 staff members

23 participating agencies.